Laura S.

“Dalton has been taking guitar lessons with John Michael every week for the last three and a half years. I’ve watched Dalton go from being reserved and afraid to work on a piece of music because it was difficult to being confident and eager to practice after each lesson. I attribute this to the patience and encouragement he’s received from John Michael week after week. John Michael has gone above and beyond – he even surprised Dalton at his school and played a duet with him in front of his whole class. Dalton trusts John Michael and even talks to him about school and other areas of his life. I couldn’t choose a better mentor for my son than John Michael.”

Shannon S.

“John Michael is a very patient and kind teacher to our daughter. He is very personable and relates so well to her at each lesson. She is learning so much from him, but is also really having fun while learning the guitar.”

Eric C.

“My son, Leo, has been taking guitar lessons with John Michael for more than two years, and he really enjoys it. John Michael is enthusiastic about guitar and music. He is patient with Leo and takes the time to listen to what Leo has to share, not only about music, but about school and what goes on in life as well. John Michael emphasizes guitar fundamentals, but at the same time he also allows Leo to pick out songs of his choice to practice. At the last recital, Leo chose Immortals from his favorite movie Big Hero 6. Although the song introduced some new chords, Leo was able to learn and practice it with help from John Michael. He felt accomplished by learning his favorite song. Leo looks forward to the guitar lesson each week and I highly recommend John Michael for those interested in guitar.”

Linda W.

“John Michael has been my teacher for well over a year. He has helped me through theory, chords and learning to play my favorite songs. He is generous with his expertise–he even taught me how to change the strings.”